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FMP: AR Video + Packaging

June 3rd, 2011

Tamsin - Augmented Reality

Clean screen

AR in action

So these final few days before hand-in have been spent working on the Augmented Reality video. Which works as a proof-of-concept video to explain how the AR part of the project is intended to work, if I were able to spend thousands on buying a Markerless AR program and then hundreds on each individual target. Markerless AR isn’t OpenSource and using QR Codes would ruin the ‘offline’ feel of the magazine by putting irrelevant icons on pages which only make sense to machines, not readers.

I completed the video today and it’s on the Versus website, which is aptly titled for the AR video, go to the AR section.

Versus Packaging for hand-in

The video, the ‘instructions’ flap in the magazine and the cards that are part of the packaging for hand-in (above) all seem to hammer home the concept concisely. Which is what I want. I didn’t want to waste time and space in the formats overly explaining the concept of Versus. So I’m glad I’ve managed to keep it to a 1 minute video, a 3 point explanation and a half page (literally).


Here’s the video which is for the website, which gives you an example of how the magazine and the AR side of it is intended to work, by recognising pages from the magazine and then playing extra media based on what’s been shown. This is all part of the ‘print working with digital’ aspect of the project.

As it’s part of the digital—more ephemeral—edition, I decided to include a cat in the video. People love seeing cats in videos.

Versus: Printed & Bound

June 1st, 2011

Bookbinders of London

Yesterday was a very strange, but ultimately very good day! I got to Orange for 10 to 9am, they were really great and didn’t mind me pedantically addressing some of the things I wanted sorted for the prints. After that was done I killed some time. Sat in Soho Sq reading Grafik’s design education special—just weeks away from graduating—bird shit landed on the open pages. I searched for a meaning in this Coen bros-like scenario but came up blank. I guess we’ll have to see…

Good luck!

I called ahead to Bookbinders of London just to check what I was trying to do was possible, then headed to pick up my prints from Orange which were looking nice. Next stop: binding.

Bookbinders of London

Had a brief set-back as I hadn’t specified on the phone that my prints were full-colour bleed—this requires a different binding machine and different glue, they had just turned it off and it takes £50 of glue and 45 minutes to warmup again. After trying to work out a solution, I guess they sympathised with my situation because they turned it back on again. I sat in a café and then collected the newly bound magazines an hour and a half later, under instruction not to open them until tomorrow. The spines still felt warm!

I resisted temptation and opened them up today, I’m really very happy with how they turned out!

Versus - Front cover
Versus - Instructions flap
Versus - The Bloody Latte
Versus - Andy Holden spread

I’ll keep the rest as a surprise.

Right now I’m working on the proof-of-concept video for the AR workings of the publication.

FMP: Preview

May 30th, 2011

InDesign screenshots - everyone's doing them!

I’ll be boarding the 7:40 train tomorrow morning stuffed with commuters from Bedford to get to the printers as early as possible. I’m hoping to hit the binders at around lunchtime so I can take a perfect-bound copy of the magazine home with me to shoot for the video. My mock up was too scuffed to use this weekend!

FMP: Final week preparations

May 27th, 2011

So I received my magazine mock-up from Orange this week, which confirmed my suspicions that my main body type for the copy was too large, so I’ve brought it down a couple of points and changed the leading accordingly (which meant re-designing pretty much everything).

I’m happy with the uncoated stock used, which is 320 GSM for the cover + ‘Instructions’ flap (which helps sell the ‘print merging with digital’ concept) but I really don’t like how the magazine sits. As there’s quite a lot of pages and the mock was staple-bound, it naturally opens at the centre spread. To counter this effect, I’m opting to get the magazines perfect bound at Book Binders of London.

This weekend I’m going to start shooting the Augmented Reality video which will work as a sort of ‘proof of concept’ explanation of how the tech side of the magazine is intended to work and going through last minute preparations for the magazines to be printed at Orange on Tuesday. On Wednesday I’ll then be collecting the prints and getting them perfect bound at Book Binders of London.

It’s going to be tight but Orange have assured me there’ll be a quick turnaround for what I want to do!

FMP: Print Progress/Deadline Set

May 22nd, 2011

I’ve set myself a deadline of this coming Tuesday (24th May) to finish off the magazine, after that I’m taking it to my printers in London (Orange in Covent Garden) to get a couple of mock-ups made and seek advice from GTS, my friend Sam Blunden and a few others about the design of the magazine, I’ll then have a couple of days before my definite print deadline which is Thursday (26th).

If I can finish the magazine on Monday then that’d be even better, but I think this is realistic enough for now.

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